High-Quality Research Chemicals Supply From Nature

Over the last years, scientists have gathered their attention to folk medicine and medicinal plants - to explore natural compounds that nature can provide us.


Here at Nature Science Technologies , we have specialized in high-quality research chemical supply and plant extract distribution for scientific research and medicinal chemistry institutions.

Nature Science Technologies is a chemical supplier for R&D purposes on from a gram up to kilogram scale and with a high quality.

Wide variety of biological activity

Nature is full of bioactive compounds. Due to the similarities to many compounds already produced in our bodies, medicinal chemists look to plants for potential drug candidates. Already tremendous amounts of scientific research has proven that phytochemicals can be effective at treating various kinds of diseases and shows high potential in many other cases.

Anticancer activity from plant compounds

Many natural chemicals have exhibited anti-cancer activity. By inducing apoptosis, inhibiting cell proliferation and other ways are making breakthroughs in medicinal chemistry

From medicinal plants with high antioxidant potential

Many compounds already in nature serve anti-oxidative purposes. Why not to explore these properties in our everyday nutrition and diet

Anti-inflammatory activity

In many cases, antioxidative potential comes together with reduction of inflammation. But not only, that, many biochemicals are able to induce cellular pathways to help our bodies treat such problem

Natural substances improve general nutritional value

There are many more ways how phytochemicals tend to improve your body - increases mental sharpness, cardiovascular protection and many more. However, the research is still going and you can be the one to explore the new potential of compounds that we provide in our store.

To find the needed derivative among our range of products, you can type its name or CAS number in the search bar. Keep in mind that most of the substances are available in small quantities. If you want to make a large order for your R&D or request more details, please Contact us.

Fast tracking Bioorganic and Medicinal Chemistry

   Are you working on natural product chemistry?
So far we have helped many scientific institutions working on medicinal and bioorganic chemistry. We can supply you with high quality phytochemicals for biological activity evaluation, analytical examination and for the development of natural derivatives

How to buy chemicals online?

Here at NSTChemicals.com you can explore a wide variety of plant chemicals with a proven biological activity. Just go to our store, choose a desired compound category, corresponding natural substance and click add to cart. Or contact us by email sales@nstchemicals.com. We are here to help you!