The potential of betulin and betulinic acid derivatives

Over the last few years, researchers have conducted numerous studies to investigate the therapeutic value of betulin. But “numerous” still doesn’t suffice. It has already been shown that betulin-based products hold promise for new treatment modalities, although they do require further research. The chances are, they have unknown beneficial effects that may complement the existing ones:

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Nature Science Technologies

Nature Science Technologies specializes in small scale supply, development and custom syntheses of a wide variety of betulin derivatives for drug discovery (medicinal chemistry, screening) as well as the analytical standards. These include amine, alkyne and azide derivatives of betulin, betulinic acid, betulonic acid. The source of these semi-synthetic products is betulin, produced by the nature.

Our current product portfolio contains over 40 betulin derivatives. Nature Science Technologies produces these products for R&D purposes on a gram scale and with a high quality.

Betulin derivatives and other products for R&D under one roof

   It’s common knowledge that bringing a new drug to the market takes years of research, hundreds of clinical trials, and billions in investments. At Nature Science Technologies, we proudly assist R&D companies in expediting this process by providing them with betulin-derived substances for sale. Our aim is to contribute to the screening effectiveness and open up more click chemistry opportunities for the development of new compounds. With this in mind, we are ready to fulfill small-scale orders for betulin and betulinic acid derivatives to trigger substantial advances.

   Betulin is naturally found in abundance and traditionally extracted from the birch bark. It then serves as a precursor for a range of azido, amino, alkynyl and other triterpenoid derivative products for drug discovery, which are all available in our online catalog. Currently, it’s made up of more than 40 substances measured in gram scale. All you have to do is to decide on the weight option of the coveted semi-synthetic derivative of betulin and buy it on our website.

   At Nature Science Technologies, we ensure excellent quality of all the available products. While reinforcing the importance of meeting substance specifications, we provide a certificate of analysis for every single order, be it betulin acid or an azido-type derivative. In the product description part, you can find the details regarding purity, appearance, etc.

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